People Living in 3021 !

31 märts 2021
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I put a lot of love and care into each and every item and hope you enjoy them as much as I did making them!
Azzyland - People Living in 3021 ! These gadgets, apps, and hacks really make me feel like we are living in the future! Which was your favorite? Let me know in the comments!
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  • It’s 2021 and we STILL don’t have hovering cars...what gives???

    AzzyLandAzzyLandМісяць tagasi
    • if i could hover i’d VROOM VROOM VROOM AROUND THE ROOM

      îtz søphįa potaţoěş ÙwÚîtz søphįa potaţoěş ÙwÚ13 tundi tagasi
    • Ffff

      Cat LawyerCat LawyerPäev tagasi
    • Luv u

      TheNargis83TheNargis8313 päeva tagasi
    • yeah what gives?

      Dotty LlamaDotty Llama16 päeva tagasi
    • HEWO AZZYYY!!!!!! U sa=ound a little sick like you have a sore throat.. Are u okie? (:)

      Momo SteinMomo Stein18 päeva tagasi
  • she sounds soo different

    Christiana BriceChristiana BriceTund tagasi
  • This is the future 🙌 👏 👌 😍

    clavis olemgbeclavis olemgbePäev tagasi
  • are you losing your voice

    Aaron SkinnerAaron SkinnerPäev tagasi
  • Head off to her.... Although she is sick she still making video.....btw she sounds like abella danger🤣🤣

    Mr. PoTaToMr. PoTaToPäev tagasi
  • Azzy your voice sounds a bit different have you noticed?

    Alpha wolf gamer XDAlpha wolf gamer XDPäev tagasi
  • is her voice different or is it just me??

    Vincent McDonaldVincent McDonaldPäev tagasi
  • Hi

    Cindy CAULFIELDCindy CAULFIELD2 päeva tagasi
  • uhh your voice sounds... uh ...... different

    Siobhan CollinsSiobhan Collins2 päeva tagasi

    abdillahi limfouabdillahi limfou2 päeva tagasi
  • poor azzy

    Samantha McMurdySamantha McMurdy3 päeva tagasi
  • Azzys voice is not good, is she sick 😷 😅

    Zoe GuzmanZoe Guzman5 päeva tagasi
  • Azzy people living in 3020 The thumbnail having mask me Covid is going on in 1000 years in the future

    Dangerous ClipsDangerous Clips6 päeva tagasi
  • The phone one to make it transparent is a fail

    Ryen DupuisRyen Dupuis7 päeva tagasi
  • Your sick voice soooooo cute😘

    Ramadevi gurramRamadevi gurram8 päeva tagasi
  • and you sound sick r u oki? :

    Peachy PandaPeachy Panda8 päeva tagasi
  • what is roning with your vois

    Germine GeeGermine Gee8 päeva tagasi
  • the phone thing works just done it

    paisley kimpaisley kim9 päeva tagasi
  • okay... weird but too me i like the way shoe sounds way more this way???

    Thicc dicc DaddyThicc dicc Daddy9 päeva tagasi
  • She sounds like Selena Gomez when she’s sick

    Stella & AddieStella & Addie10 päeva tagasi
  • lods of stuf

    Mark WoodMark Wood10 päeva tagasi
  • u sound like selena gomez

    Vividly_ cherryシVividly_ cherryシ12 päeva tagasi
  • Do you have a cold because your voice sound scratchy not to be mean

    LoLita DawnLoLita Dawn12 päeva tagasi
  • infact i seen jake paul i bougt azzylands merch and jakes so i can make it like they worked together

    Jodie MalloryJodie Mallory12 päeva tagasi
  • hey azzy where are you in right now this is a different place since I had sooo much homework since 2020 so I didn't watch most of the videos

    Ninja gamingNinja gaming12 päeva tagasi
  • Oh Azzy we do ......... loves

    Epicentre of VideosEpicentre of Videos12 päeva tagasi
  • Azzyland:what is this? me: uh duh its hacks

    Javar GamersJavar Gamers12 päeva tagasi
  • um how did azzyland loss her voice?

    Jenny LiuJenny Liu13 päeva tagasi
  • so the covid 19 will last 1000 years???

    Dark BeatsDark Beats15 päeva tagasi

    Scarlett TilbrookScarlett Tilbrook15 päeva tagasi
  • hi

    Jackie PattersonJackie Patterson15 päeva tagasi
  • the life hack DOES NOT WORK

    Amanda KlemencicAmanda Klemencic15 päeva tagasi
  • u kinda sound like Debby Ryan now

    Micah ThomasMicah Thomas15 päeva tagasi
  • so in 3021 COVID is still here?

    March Queenie InfansoMarch Queenie Infanso16 päeva tagasi
  • Did you read Harry Potter?!

    Inga KastInga Kast17 päeva tagasi
  • RIP ur voice xD

    FedoraFoxFedoraFox17 päeva tagasi
  • At the last one look left is he’s in the same outfit Wait y’all probably knew that

    Whippin in The KitchenWhippin in The Kitchen17 päeva tagasi
  • why did u broke up with kwebellkop

    Kapil MehrotraKapil Mehrotra17 päeva tagasi
  • Your voice is like u r 😣🤒

    Ella BellaElla Bella18 päeva tagasi
  • is ur voic ok

    At home AccountAt home Account18 päeva tagasi
  • And sexy

    Jordys Surfing and skatingJordys Surfing and skating18 päeva tagasi
  • O she’s sick

    Jordys Surfing and skatingJordys Surfing and skating18 päeva tagasi
  • I used to watch azzyland and stoped in 2019 and came back in 2021 now she sounds wired

    Jordys Surfing and skatingJordys Surfing and skating18 päeva tagasi
  • R.I.P Azzy’s voice...

    BTW CloakedBTW Cloaked18 päeva tagasi
  • What so the pandemic will last 1000 more years, NOOOOO!

    TIMMEHTIMMEH18 päeva tagasi
  • hi

    the chefthe chef18 päeva tagasi
  • I have a cat

    Matthew,s Gaming channeldMatthew,s Gaming channeld18 päeva tagasi
  • The see through wallpaper actually works i have it

    Happy lifeHappy life19 päeva tagasi
  • 7:40 deDRONEo

    Ben SimmonsBen Simmons19 päeva tagasi
  • Are you sick I thought you like made this like 100 years ago

    Allison ArjonAllison Arjon19 päeva tagasi
  • The monkey is George and that’s fain mail

    m bm b19 päeva tagasi
  • YEAH what gives?😠😡🤬

    Paula MarinesPaula Marines19 päeva tagasi
  • Hehe

    Ava KochAva Koch19 päeva tagasi
  • i scroll thru the comments and like evreyone is talking about her voice

    Cherilyn ValdezCherilyn Valdez19 päeva tagasi
    • lol

      Cherilyn ValdezCherilyn Valdez19 päeva tagasi
  • WOAH! Azzy's voice CHANGED A LOT! Its more deeper now.. Lol btw great vid

    Reshma AmeReshma Ame19 päeva tagasi
  • hey girl waht happend with your woise it sounds like your sick

    MrWaqas002MrWaqas00220 päeva tagasi
  • I tried the invisible phone background and it dint work

    Isley ParkmanIsley Parkman20 päeva tagasi
  • Omg she is so hard working

    Tenzin DolkerTenzin Dolker20 päeva tagasi
  • girl ur still sick

    Adriana OpreaAdriana Oprea20 päeva tagasi
  • I hate you copier girl

    saci lemonsaci lemon20 päeva tagasi
  • Azzy i know even if your sick you want to make videos but please rest aswell ❤️

    Patsy PugsleyPatsy Pugsley20 päeva tagasi
  • Are you ok your voices is so weird

    laura mendosalaura mendosa20 päeva tagasi
  • It's LeviOsa...not LeviosA

    Anna AthanasiadouAnna Athanasiadou20 päeva tagasi
  • she is loosing her voice

    Kean Ekhiohina-OginaKean Ekhiohina-Ogina20 päeva tagasi
  • My dad seen that mobkey geoarge on face book it is cute

    Faye WalkerFaye Walker21 päev tagasi
  • Girl you're so hoarse today go drink some soup if I could I would make it for you

    Aaron MyersAaron Myers21 päev tagasi
  • the invisible background don't work

    E BakerE Baker21 päev tagasi
  • Her voice changed since I kast heard it 😍😍🥰

    Lily SanadLily Sanad21 päev tagasi
  • She sounds different

    Ari BearAri Bear21 päev tagasi
  • how did you get sick is it corona virus it is very contagouse

    The everything squadThe everything squad21 päev tagasi
  • Your Voice Sound BEAUTIFUL ☺️

    MCYT FANMCYT FAN22 päeva tagasi
  • No

    Winifred Setor SmithWinifred Setor Smith22 päeva tagasi
  • that means that there will be a pandemic in 3021

    Francesco FioraniFrancesco Fiorani22 päeva tagasi
  • Azzy you are so beautifal

    turf dogturf dog22 päeva tagasi
  • The thing with the purse and she turned it into a backpack I use that all the time 😶

    Penelope Henry-FournierPenelope Henry-Fournier22 päeva tagasi
  • Siperwolf is better

    Zemora PerryZemora Perry22 päeva tagasi
  • This was published on my bday

    Israel O'BrienIsrael O'Brien22 päeva tagasi
  • Hope you feel better azzy

    CactusraccoonYTCactusraccoonYT22 päeva tagasi
  • How to make perfect circles! Iq of 30 you simply trace a circle Iq of 100 you do sketch method for a circle bold one circle and erase the rest BOOM!

    Soba eater 1000Soba eater 100022 päeva tagasi
  • Your voise as got deeper

    Bronte MacBronte Mac22 päeva tagasi
  • So your'e telling me that in 3021 we'll still be wearing MASKS

    Stewart LakeStewart Lake22 päeva tagasi
  • Azzy what happened to your voice

    Jervon LewisJervon Lewis22 päeva tagasi
  • ya

    amani chappellamani chappell22 päeva tagasi
  • 7:37 have you ever seen oblivon omg

    topvrgaming 6topvrgaming 622 päeva tagasi
  • You posted on my dad's B-Day LOVE UR VIDEOS

    Dahlia AnnisDahlia Annis22 päeva tagasi
  • The drink thing they have those in Texas and I am in Texas

    Kassandra MartinezKassandra Martinez22 päeva tagasi
  • WOW WOW WOW 🤩😨👁👄👁❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

    Chloe RileyChloe Riley23 päeva tagasi
  • It's LeviOsa not LeviosAAA

    Satoshi OtsutsukiSatoshi Otsutsuki23 päeva tagasi
    • I'm sorry my inner Hermionie Granger started screaming at me.

      Satoshi OtsutsukiSatoshi Otsutsuki23 päeva tagasi
  • Imagine- ppl in 3021 watching this be like: "DiS iS sO lAsT DeCaDe"

    ꧁ Ayaana Nair ꧂꧁ Ayaana Nair ꧂23 päeva tagasi
  • title: people living in 3021 thumbnail:masks So this coronavirus aint going anywhere

    Fatema AbeerFatema Abeer23 päeva tagasi
  • Is this virus gonna be going on 10000 years more??

    Eli is onEli is on24 päeva tagasi
  • who has noticed her voice has changed !!! ???

    Helen StudioHelen Studio24 päeva tagasi
  • Even I am sick😚🤗

    chandigarh 2105chandigarh 210524 päeva tagasi
  • what happend to your voice

    Mr CavemanMr Caveman24 päeva tagasi
  • Azzy are you OK your voice sounded a little weird

    REDX 6212REDX 621224 päeva tagasi
  • U said these nights own iron man gloves

    Michelle CastaldiniMichelle Castaldini24 päeva tagasi
    • Own

      Michelle CastaldiniMichelle Castaldini24 päeva tagasi
  • What is up with your voice?

    Ruby Siegel EvansRuby Siegel Evans24 päeva tagasi
  • The day u uploaded this video was my Birthday!

    Mia PearsonMia Pearson24 päeva tagasi
  • Azzykkop

    Caelan GamingCaelan Gaming24 päeva tagasi
  • Awe she is making videos for us even she is sick

    kylie _ playskylie _ plays25 päeva tagasi